Genevieve Ott



In 1893, suffragette Matilda Joslyn Gage reframed the 17th century witch hunts as an attempt by the church and state to police women and their bodies. Given this context, it is easy to see how, in 2018, the witch has gained new relevance and meaning. To think of the witch as scary is to think of the woman as powerful. The witch has been reborn as a potent feminist icon, a subversive take on everything malleus maleficarum and old religious ideology feared.

COVEN is a brand for witchy women inspired by this ethos. Drawing on traditional occult imagery and the rich history of witches, each piece in COVEN pays homage to and reimagines the witch as a fun, feminine force to be reckoned with. This collection combines the legacy of the witch with modern-day trends and attitudes to create magical pieces any girl can incorporate into her daily rituals.

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