Rachael Tellerman



Since their inception in the early 2000’s, podcasts have continued to grow and expand, increasingly becoming an important part of our interconnected media landscape. You listen to a podcast about the show you are watching, to hear an interview with your favorite author, or to get the latest political commentary from a trusted news source. Podcasts are still a relatively new medium, and we are really only just beginning to understand their full potential. Though there are many podcast apps available, none of them have really emerged as the frontrunner, bringing something new to the listening experience or serving as the trusted curator of the best content (though several companies seem to be striving for this in a much more pointed way, even since this project).

In this project, I conceived an app that would start to consider some of these issues. I wanted to baseline create an app that was very functional and easy to use, and from there start to think about how it could go beyond what is currently available. I envisioned a design that would underscore the interconnectedness of podcasting with other media, allowing the content featured in podcasts to be highlighted and easily accessible within the app. I also wanted to create a sense of brand that moved the app beyond the realm of a tool and begin to develop an identity as a curator and go-to source for podcast content.

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