Lindsey Leigh

The Deep Dark Sea


The Deep Dark Sea was inspired by an intriguing fact: 80% of our ocean remains unexplored and we have explored the surface of the moon more than our own ocean. Additionally, life in the deep sea was discovered surprisingly recently (only in the 1970s). The deep sea is a vast and largely unexplored place, where animals, both terrifying and beautiful, have developed amazing adaptations to life in a harsh and unforgiving place. Through a children’s book filled with illustrations and infographics, and an accompanying animation of the creatures in motion, The Deep Dark Sea is a celebration of the mysterious and the strange.

The Deep Dark Sea is aimed at a young audience in the hopes that if young readers are inspired by the deep sea, they may be more willing to protect it. Through educational science media, it’s possible to inspire a new generation to take an interest in nature, conservation, and their own impact on the world, as well as to make them curious about the incredible world around them.

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