Mara Berkland

Forest for the Trees


Deforestation has been an issue on Earth since around 1960. The clearing of forests around the globe for use in industry, agriculture, and farming has been a major factor in climate change. Animals and humans alike lose their homes to the foresting business, as well as the extinction of the trees themselves. The Earth is slowly starting to change as wood products become more sustainable, but what would happen if the Earth continued down a path of destruction?
The Forest for the Trees tells this story by imagining a government agency that discovered a planet in another galaxy in 1962; a world called Dasos inhabited only by trees. Used as a facility to test deforestation methods, Dasos has paid the price. Maps and case files from both the 1962 discovery, and the future (the year 3058) show how the vegetation and lands have shifted at four different testing sites. The Forest for the Trees explores a planet’s grim future that could have been avoided, if only the inhabitants could have seen the forest for the trees.

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