Hannah Cusworth

Hidden Wounds


We thrive as humans when we understand ourselves and why we think the way we think.

Hidden Wounds is a project which, through its digital and analog tools and resources, allows readers to deepen and broaden their self-understanding, so that they may begin to move towards impactful healing from a traumatic memory.

Its digital-facing resource includes a single-page microsite that organizes scientifically-sourced findings for how our brain and bodies process trauma. The user flow of the site allows for digestible reading at a pace that is inviting, comfortable, and empathetic. It contains insights on how trauma affects the brain, the body, memory processing, as well as essential tips on how to help yourself to recover as well as help a family member or loved one through their journey.

The analog portion of the Hidden Wounds project involves a slightly-guided journal that includes meditation exercises and additional resources for mental healthcare services. This MINDFULNESS KIT provides a safe space for you to work through your thoughts and memories along the smooth and fractured road to recovery.

As a whole, the Hidden Wounds project provides its readers with information and tools to help deepen their self-understanding after the impactful events and changes they’ve endured.

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