Jessica Brown

Level Up


High school is one of the most impactful experiences of your life because during these four years, you meet different people with different backgrounds. You learn about yourself and your interests.

There’s this saying that high school will be the best four years of your life and we all laugh because for the most part, it isn’t. In movies, high school is portrayed as this animal-attacking, “plastic” adoring, survival-of-the-fittest environment separating people based on their interests and/or popularity level. But isn’t this how society is now? Are we putting ourselves in cliques? Separating ourselves from the rich and the poor? The analytical and the creative? Is this society’s rule book of life? Who made these rules? And why are we forced to follow them anyway?

Level Up is a non-profit organization designed to empower young adults to be themselves: to take off the mask and reveal the real version of themselves. This fictitious organization selects a graduating class to survey because they will be expected to make major decisions before they transition to the real world. During high school, many teens are trying to find their identity and to fit in. What if we could shift this to a mind-set of vulnerability and support to lead the next generation?

We want to enlighten these students to embrace their imperfections and break down the barriers of societal limitations by participating in a fun, interactive week of learning! We partner with a school and transform it completely. These teens would be participating in different “levels” for a week: field days, social engagements, and evaluations.

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