Avery Parker

The NashTransit Line


The NashTransit Line is a branding and wayfinding system for Nashville’s proposed public transportation system. In 2017, led by then-mayor Megan Barry, Nashville had just begun the process of creating an extensive transit system to accommodate its rapidly growing population. The transit proposal showed where the routes would go and what sort of transit will run on them, but nothing further. Nashville has a unique and magnetic atmosphere worthy of an engaging transportation identity system—paying tribute to its country music history, while highlighting other aspects that locals love about the city. The NashTransit Line, or colloquially “the line,” embraces the past, while keeping in line with the fresh, youthful spirit of Nashville.

A thoughtful visual identity system is useful to all who come into contact with it. A system that is easy to understand eases the burden on the transit workers, who must field daily questions about stops, transfers, and other needed information. It affects visitors and tourists’ experiences and view of a city, encouraging them to return or tell other people to visit. Since Nashville gets around half of its annual taxes from its tourism industry, a positive guest experience ensures that other sectors of the city can thrive.

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