Jessica Kerbo

Seeking Refuge


When catastrophic events occur around the world, such as genocide, war, or famine, local populations are forced to flee into neighboring countries. They become refugees upon crossing over the border, in search of safety. Refugees live in camps, often for years, while waiting in limbo to gain citizenship in a new country.

The world has 25.4 million refugees, including people escaping from the Syrian War, which is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time.

The Seeking Refuge exhibition shares key facts and personal stories via an interactive exhibit. Observers can hear the voices of Baltimore’s refugee population as they share their personal journeys through the screening process and details of their lives in America. Through a website, visitors can experience their lives and absorb crucial statistics surrounding the refugee screening process. Postcards, just within reach, ask for action, requesting the viewer share their thoughts with Congress. Seeking Refuge hopes to leave the viewer with a sense of empathy and understanding of their neighbors, Baltimore’s refugees.

In just Maryland alone, 40,000 refugees have planted roots over the years. Still, as a small subset of the population, the majority of Americans have the opportunity to connect with refugees solely through the lens of the media. Seeking Refuge shares the personal stories of young refugees and key knowledge surrounding the refugee resettlement process, to help promote the humanization of refugees, in the Baltimore area.

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