George Nichols IV

Suspended Animation


Streetwear is a prominent fixture in the fashion world. With social media flooding trending imagery and the rise of fast fashion, designs have become generic and meaningless. Of course, there is always a place in the world for making clothing just for the way it looks. But what happens when brands converge and just churn out the same formula? How do they stand out? How can they progress to reach your customers on a deeper level?

Tell a story with each piece as opposed to replicating trendy images. To truly connect to each individual wearer. 

Suspended Animation is a fashion brand built upon the foundation of individuality. I aim to cultivate moments and feelings by curating pieces that distinguish the quality and character of my audience. I cater to the divergent human nature by encouraging all to suspend doubts, and animate reality. Suspended Animation explores what it means to develop a brand based on the concepts of individuality, taking risks, and following your dreams. From garment curation, design, and print application to brand execution, I seek to create a real entity built to stand out.

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