Amy Seago

Your fave is*


It’s a truth we know all too well: beautiful things can be toxic. By the time you finish reading this, a celebrity or two may have just been canceled. But by who and why?

Whether you’re an active participant in cancel culture or merely a witness to its impact, cancel culture itself has the tremendous potential to exact change. By shining a light on problematic behaviors and extinguishing a light on problematic faves, we can dictate what will and will not be accepted on the main stage. But do we have blind spots? Are we willing to tolerate these same toxins when we come across them in our personal lives?

Based on popular imagery, personal reflection and broad research, Your fave is* explores celebrities as people, without giving them a pass. Wrongful acts, words and attitudes that are harmful and/or discriminatory in nature should be called out. Cancel culture can create this accountability with famous figures. What happens, however, when we look inward at the faves of our own lives: friends, family, loved ones and, perhaps more importantly, ourselves? What choices do we make and why? As something this designer grapples with, Your fave is* ultimately invites you to examine potential biases and toxins that exist for you both on and off the main stage.

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