Henry Roderick

Anything but Ordinary


This inquiry is a small exploration into the ways we think about everyday life. It asks why we choose to simplify complex problems and ignore the exquisite intricacies of being. Through measured neutral approaches this thesis will challenge the default of oversimplification many individuals and groups practice today. The goal of exploring this often overlooked complexity will be opening peoples’ eyes to the beauty that can be found in the mundane while respecting extremes that previously they may have thought they understood.

What I hope people take away from this is that we are surrounded by a web of extremely complex interactions between people and our environment writ large. Our ideas and constructs live in spaces of complexity all on their own and when acted upon in the messiness of the real world, become infinitely more complicated. Examining the mundane and the complex while respecting the extremes is to live in the middle ground. It is acknowledging that we might know nothing and that is the most healthy perspective for an individual and a society.

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