Annie Maco Quispe

Casa Lejos de Casa


The United States is a nation of immigrants, with nearly 14 percent of its population born in another country. Each of the 44 million immigrants journeyed to be here, many with a unique story to tell about the hardships they faced along the way. Yet immigrants—often focused on their goals and lacking an initial community—rarely find a structured environment where they are encouraged to share their experience and strengthen the immigrant community.

Casa Lejos de Casa takes a new approach to exploring the Latina immigrant experience. Based on personal introspection and a series of interviews, the project mixes humorous revelations and vulnerable anecdotes to promote sharing within the community and understanding outside of it. The project highlights the mental and emotional journey of immigration that accompanies the physical one. Ultimately, Casa Lejos de Casa unpacks the process of making the decision to immigrate, adapting to American culture, and building community in a new home.

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