Tamyra Shae Greene

Dream Language in Color


As some people are active dreamers, the need to explore more into the dimension of sleep has always been an eccentric topic of discussion. When we dream and see colors, one could wonder why that is? Some people dream either in black and white with pops of color and/or others may dream in multiple colors and can possibly remember everything they have just envisioned. The more this topic has been researched, there have been a few discoveries made that dreams have a much higher understanding of what their purpose truly represents. More importantly to focus more on the colors that initially stand out and how those colors can be interpreted effectively. This ideology that colors in dreams might help reveal our inner self-consciousness is something that requires more investigation.

The methods that were used in this process were a number of interviews, color analysis charts and inter-reflective research of individual stories. The interviews were later typeset and vocal recorded into iPads to showcase the dreamer's color theory on a digital interface. Individuals who dream in color can use this experiment as an exercise tool to dive deeper and try to understand their own inner psyche through dream language in colors.

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