Jonathan Nepini

A Good Lick


Oysters play a significant role in Maryland’s history, culture, foodways, and environment. Oysters, second only to the world-famous Maryland blue crab, are a local delicacy and are enjoyed by the thousands in waterfront restaurants throughout the region every fall and winter. Even more interesting than the oysters themselves are the men and women who still harvest them in the waters of the Chesapeake using methods relatively unchanged for the past 100 years. These people and their livelihood are essential to Maryland’s history and culture.

A Good Lick presents a folk history of the oyster industry in Maryland. The project seeks to document the disappearing way of life of Chesapeake oystermen. It illuminates the unique practices of Maryland oystermen, chronicles the Maryland oyster industry’s decline, and paints a portrait of life on the Bay as seen by those who live it every day.

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