Katie Ogorzalak

It's a Zoo in Here!


It’s a Zoo in Here! is an illustrated children’s book that revolves around themes of compassion as acted out by illustrations and colorful animals. Thematically, the protagonist of the book (a giraffe) feels rejected and isolated from the animals around them until they are brought to the realization that although the zoo is filled with different looking animals, they all share something in common.

Research for this project included collecting data on common themes and morals in contemporary children’s books, and finding inspiration through them. Once the general concept was constructed, interviews were conducted with a children’s book author. With a target of four to five year olds, the book consists of easy to use words and colorful graphics that are both accessible and appropriate to this age group. To represent the animals, photographs and illustrations were combined with a gradient to create a visual style that is both abstract and realistic. The goal of this project is to deliver a digestible moral to a young audience while incorporating the author’s inspirations of the mystery of the animal kingdom and art.

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