Anna Tiburzi

Arbitrary Matrix


Arbitrary Matrix is a material exploration that aims to exercise the process of iteration through a series of controlled experiments. I experimented with inks and pigments by mixing them with alcohol and water to reveal unexpected results. I tested different papers and fabrics for more variety.

The process of this project is based on a formula; I took photographs of the experiment results and then digitally manipulated them to create unique compositions. I designed a formulaic matrix to analyze my work. Each image is based on one cell in the matrix of “The Elements and Principles of Design.”

The final compositions were compiled into a small, physical deck of cards. Each card can be viewed and assessed individually by the observer. Labels on the back of each card describe the principles from the matrix. Since the text is isolated on the reverse side of the card, viewers can make their own initial judgments about each design and where it might fit on the matrix. The possibilities are indefinite and images can relate to various modules.

See thesis book