Amy Finney

Mark Your Territory


A city comprises so much: arts, architecture, citizens, entertainment, education, food, government, history, landmarks, tourism, transportation ... the list goes on.

How can it all be pulled together into a unified concept that represents everything, yet also extends and flexes to uniquely express each of the components? This project seeks to explore how and whether a unified concept can be constructed with the City of Baltimore as the test subject.

The Baltimore Brand Guide is a flexible visual identity system based on a pattern of shapes that represent the city. The system offers a way to capture the diversity and vibrancy of the City of Baltimore while also streamlining its numerous touchpoints. While the Guide is intended for use by those responsible for designing everything from stationery and ID cards to environmental signage and water bills, the true audience of this Guide is the residents and visitors of Baltimore. A companion website carries through the visual system and serves as a portal for residents and tourists to quickly and easily access key services and attractions. A more cohesive look for the varied elements of the City is not only visually appealing, but a means of signaling that the item or entity resides within the overall community of Baltimore.

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