Kayci Parcells

One Size Fits Men


One Size Fits Men originated from ideas about gender-biased design presented in Caroline Criado Perez’s book, Invisible Women. Our society assumes that men are the default and women are an afterthought, resulting in products and technologies that meet men’s needs but fall short of functioning well for women. These design decisions have an impact on women’s safety, health, and time. Through compelling visualizations, this project reveals examples in society in which women are not served by design that prioritizes men.

One Size Fits Men is a two-part website designed to easily reach broad audiences. The Products of Today features persuasive illustrations that express concepts concisely in an eye-catching and memorable way. The Lexicon of Tomorrow defines words and phrases that have been added or removed from our future language. The result is a cohesive website that allows the viewer to imagine a world where design serves all genders equally.

Website prototype

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