Erica Argilan



Bouquet began with an interest in gameplay and design as well as a love for the aesthetic and organic nature of flowers. “Games are just exceptionally tasty patterns to eat up […] The pattern depicted may or may not exist in reality. But the rules we perceive—what I’ll call the pattern—get processed exactly the same way we process very real things like ‘fire burns’ and ‘how cars move forward.’” (Raph Koster, Theory of Fun). Creating these patterns and connections is a really fun way to engage the mind. Games are a way to connect with other people and allow players to problem solve and exercise their brain.

Bouquet is an exploration in play style, breaking out of conventional playing norms, and is inspired by many beloved games such as Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Unearth, and Wingspan. It hopes to push game design by using an uncommon medium, watercolor, to make the card illustrations, bringing an aspect of beauty tied to the theme of the game.

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