Zoe (Wenjing) Lin

The Magic of Doing Nothing but Everything


The current era of “information explosion” and social media sharing allows people to see more of each other’s lives and creativity. At the same time, it causes more procrastination due to personal anxiety. This thesis gathered stories about the act of procrastinating through surveys and interviews. The stories are illustrated using metaphorical characters to express the multitude of emotions associated with procrastination and deliver the message that all humans procrastinate and that it’s okay to procrastinate. Procrastinators do not need to fight procrastination but learn to accept their habit and use it wisely. Depression and guilt only aggravate our desire to procrastinate, which is why it is important to accept procrastination.

This illustration book and website share and validate the range of ways people deal with time management and the daily overload of activities, work, and information.

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