Tiana Connor

SciSign: The Analytical Chemistry Series


Art and science have been intertwined throughout history, but there are those that have forgotten this history and often separate the two. Both fields of study require the other, as art is used to communicate complex subjects to the masses, and science is used to inform and influence artists and designers in the choices they make. SciSign is an educational organization that explores science through design and showcases the areas in which they align. SciSign expresses that science should be understandable, inclusive, accessible, and fun.

This poster series spotlights the field of analytical chemistry and how it is integral to everyday life. Whether it is analyzing which molecules make beverages taste and smell the way they do or if it is analyzing contaminants in water, analytical chemistry serves an important purpose. The concepts are typically difficult to understand and can be intimidating, but have been translated into comprehensive terms with the help of analytical chemist Dr. Nicole Kfoury, Ph.D. and others.

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