Nicky Hall

The Unnamed Flower: Preproduction


Sigmund Freud wrote that the unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of awareness, including repressed memories. By definition, repressed memories are those from traumatic events that are blocked from normal conscious recall. Although the traumatic event is forgotten, the subsequent pain still manifests itself in a person’s life in emotional, psychological, and sometimes physical ways.

The Unnamed Flower, an animation short, is a narrative that seeks to explain what repressed memories visually look like, the pain they can cause throughout one’s life, and how remembering the repressed trauma may help one to heal.

The preproduction process of The Unnamed Flower is visualized through a writer’s room with an array of objects including movie posters, a screenplay, storyboards, concept art, process work animation, and collectibles such as buttons and charity cards. The result is a collection of materials that ask us to imagine the future of moving art that motivates healing.

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